The Nava Series


 Nava Realty Group and McKenny Glenn Homes have collaborated to bring a show stopping product to the Rio Grande Valley area. The collaboration of McKenny Glenn and Nava Realty Group is to meet the goal of turning your home into a sanctuary where a luxurious haven awaits.

Brian and Melissa Hix

About McKenny Glenn

Brian and Melissa Hix

Founding Members & CEO Of Mckenny Glenn

Brian & Melissa Hix are the founders and CEO/Vice President of McKenny Investment Group. They have been married since 2006 and share 3 children together, Brian has been in the development and homebuilding industry for over 20 years and learned from some of the top homebuilders in the country.

They started McKenny Glenn Homes in 2010 and have grown to become one of the premier home builders in the Rio Grande Valley.

McKenny Investment Group has become a leader in homebuilding, mortgage finance and land development and continues to set the bar for quality and customer service throughout South Texas. 

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Browse through the beautiful transformations of the Nava Series.

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