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Hello there! My Name is Jonathon Andrew Barrienots and in the real estate world people like to call me Jon Andrew. To be completely honest with you I never had any desire to be in real estate the majority of my life, actually I was more into tech! Coding, building, robotics, and went to school to chase after an engineering degree. At some point however I saw the engineering role wasn't exactly what I thought it'd be... I wanted to build with my hands and travel the world and that's when an opportunity came up and I dropped out of school to become an turbine engine technician. I had to start at the bottom and work my way up from picking orders to finally working on huge gas turbines that large oil companies would purchase for millions of dollars. I met so many wonderful people and was on track to possibly get a field job which is where a select group of technicians would go out into the world to troubleshoot and repair engines that were in the field. This group would get called to war zones where you had to travel with military to worksites, stateside, oil rigs in the gulf, and a survival course was needed for this particular job which took place at NASA for helicopter crash simulations.
Although I was well on my way to getting a well paying job in the field that simply was not in GOD's plan. I felt the strangest pull day in and day out and felt I was not where I was supposed to be. I prayed and prayed and had so much trouble understanding why I felt this way! Why LORD!? Am I being ungrateful? This is a great job! This has to be my own selfishness as many people would love to be in my position, is this really you LORD? Sure enough, the day came and I walked into my supervisor's office and turned in my two week notice, everyone was in complete shock and from there the LORD guided me to real estate where I found my gifts of servanthood and craftsmanship!
With these gifts I fit right into the world of real estate finding out that I could connect with people effortlessly and solve problems to help what seemed impossible possible. I have not only had the pleasure of helping buyers and sellers through my career, but I have also had the pleasure of mentoring many young realtors and continue to take newer individuals to the business under my wing, and last but not least I have established a firm foundation of relationships with many agents, builders, investors, and others whom willingly go out of their way for me and my clients as I would for them to help get families into their beloved home. 
With that being said, I by no means look at my career as "transactional based" but relationship based. Me and many of my clients are now friends, I have seen their children grow, I have met their families, and had many a phone call with my clients after closing as companions. I am grateful and never thought a moment in my life that I'd be doing this, but the LORD works in mysterious ways and I am just happy that I submitted.

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