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Shalom Family,

We are The Nava’s

Let’s just briefly tell you about ourselves. Firstly, and foremost, we both got Married in 2020. Just a few months, after Armando’s transition from the United States Marine Corps.

His transition out of the military was by far one of the toughest battles we endured as a Marriage. Soon after Armandos transition I noticed the enemy had left many strongholds in his life, he was always angry, anxious and at times even depressed. After countless of failed attempts to try to “change” him and help with recommendations of books he should read to help him adapt back to society. Nothing was working, It was a time of desperation and no one could understand my situation except Jesus. I started to write letters in form of prayer to the Lord and If I’m being honest when I started to pray for him I was so full of self-pity, anger, and tired. My prayers for my husband weren’t completely out of selfless motives, I wanted God to change him so he didn’t have to be so cruel with his words.

The more I prayed the more I fell in love with Jesus, I noticed that my motives became unselfish. Things that made me angry about my husband no longer made me feel that way, soon my happiness didn’t depend on my husband but from the Lord. God allowed me to have more grace for my husband and understand that in this situation all I could do was trust in him. After a year straight of going through such difficult trial, holding strong to God’s promises.

One day out of resentment my husband decided to read the Bible and try to disprove Gods existence. He would spend countless hours researching and reading scripture, but what the enemy meant for evil God uses for good. Little by little God was opening his eyes, changing his heart from stone to flesh. He finally surrendered and gave his life To Jesus; we both began to fall more in love with the Lord and each other, rebuilding our marriage on the solid foundation of Christ.

In 2021, we finally decided to open up NavaRealtyGroup LLC and were led by God to help families find their dream homes in Texas while Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in hopes that 1 person might hear the message.

There’s so much more detail to our story but this is just a small snippet of how it all began. At the end of the day, to us it’s not about the “x” amount of sales we can achieve but instead that people are getting the absolute best service they deserve.

Most Importantly Glorifying Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through our lives.

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